Established in 2009 C2DESIGN-cc was founded with primary focus of harnessing the capabilities of the various infrastructures and using them to our and our customers benefit.
C2DESIGN-cc specialize in custom development and documentation in accordance to the customer specification,
each project is tailor made to the customer's specifications. The close interactions with our customers allows for a personal touch and understanding of their need.
Our team actively searches for new and better ways to solve ongoing and evolving challenges .
We pride ourselves on the innovative and total solutions we offer.
Our service includes schematic capture, PCB design, manufacturing and code writing for applications.
C2DESIGN-cc has many years of experience in electronics.

Our objective is to design for manufacture in a way that will help our clients improve the quality, decrease the engineering cycles and accelerate time to market.
This is achieved by encouraging a close working relationship with all our clients.
Incorporating knowledge of PCB design technology, PCB manufacturing and productive needs for our clients into every product

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